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What Is Lacking In India’s 'Early Childhood Care and Education' System?

To begin with, Early Childhood Care and Education in India encapsulates the period from conception through eight years of age. 

Teaching young minds

Evolution-based studies highlight that young children are most receptive to significant adults—parents, teachers, and caregivers

COVID-19: Your child''s mental health during self-isolation

Children perceive changes in their surroundings as early as they come into this world. 

KLAY launches online version of its Preschool Teacher Training Program

Institute of Early Childhood Education and Development (IECED), has launched an upgraded edition of its flagship KLAY Preschool Teacher Training Program

KLAY Schools to host India’s first-ever International Summit on Early Years

Bengaluru: KLAY (Kids Learning And You) Prep Schools and Day Care is all set to host India’s first-ever International Summit on Early Years (ISEY)

This course can certify you as a skilled pre-school teacher in just 25 weeks

The 25-week, 250-hour course will have both theoretical and practical components. “In the first 21 weeks, students will get an idea of the theoretical aspects of  (ECCE).

Play is critical for a child’s mental health and growth

Time and again, research has proven that the more playful a state of mind in the first six years, the stronger is the growth of the human brain.

Play is far more valuable for children's mental growth than academic training

Play is far more valuable for children’s mental growth than academic training, according to a noted thought leader in education, Peter Gray.

Do working moms make better moms

I often wonder do we really need to tag a mom as Working Mom (WM) or a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)? A mom is by all means, a mom!

What skills do new age teachers need?

In the age of Covid-19, teaching skills have changed quite a bit and teachers have shown how they can adapt. Here are 5 skills new-age teachers need now.

An 8-Step guide to strengthen the parent-child bond

Parenting starts even before the child comes to this world and then, it never ends. Once a parent, always a parent. Probably because the parent-child bond is fluid in nature. It changes with time and takes different forms as children grow. 





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