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    About The Program

    The International Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education, a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all aspiring teachers is brought to you by the IECED in collaboration with Finland International Education (FINE). Regarded as one of the world’s most successful early childhood education systems around the world, the Finnish model is based on an integrated approach to childcare, education and teaching, with particular emphasis on pedagogy.

    Crafted on the concept that a child’s learning should prepare him/her for life and not just school, this comprehensive program hopes to bring quality teaching to India by sharing with teachers, some of the world’s best learning practices and success stories.

    Why the International Certificate Program

    Get trained by international experts in early childhood education

    Get access to the world’s most successful early childhood education systems


    Participate actively in interactive training sessions

    Develop your own portfolio of learning

    What will you achieve with International Certificate Program?

    • Get an international certification from the leaders in Early Childhood Education

    • Experience international classrooms at the click of a button

    • Get trained on the new normal: Virtual Preschool Education

    • Become a Preschool Teacher in just 25 weeks!

    International Certificate Program Details and Duration

    The International Certificate Program is a 25-week ONLINE Program conducted by both the Finnish faculty as well as the faculty of IECED and includes online theory sessions, activities, and reflection exercises. Classes will be conducted twice a week for 4 hours per week.

    Program Fee

    ₹ 63,720

    ₹ 53,100

                               Easy Instalment Options

    Instalment 1: 55%, by the start of course

    Instalment 2: 35%, 5 weeks after the course start date

    Instalment 3: 10%, 23 weeks after the course start date

    Meet Our Instructors

    Reetta Jukkara

    Head of Pedagogy
    at Finland International
    Education (FINE)

    MA, Educational Science

    Reetta Jukkara is a professional in
    teaching and education and has several years of experience in the field. She is specialized in primary school and early childhood education and has worked as a teacher in Finland and China. Reetta has a strong passion and expertise in personality psychology and individual learning. During the past years she has trained early childhood education teachers in China and India both online and onsite. Reetta is in charge of the pedagogy and teacher training programs at FINE.

    Olli Kamunen

    Development Manager at Finland International
    Education (FINE)

    BA, Early Childhood

    Olli Kamunen is an expert in early childhood education. He has over ten years of experience in the field. Olli has worked as a principal in several ECEC locations in Finland. Olli has training expertise from China, Vietnam, Tunis and the USA. Olli is passionate about early years’ education and thinks every child has the right to high quality education.

    Meghna Yadav

    Head, Training & Development
    at IECED 

    M.S, Child and Adolescent Development

    With a Masters in Child Psychology (Summa cum Laude) from California,

    Meghna has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for more than two decades. Experienced in the counseling of families and pre-school functioning with renowned organizations in USA,
    Singapore and India, Meghna plays an integral role in parent partnership
    initiatives at KLAY.

    Roopal Pandya

    Trainer at IECED 

    B.A, B.ED, Diploma in
    Computer Science

    With more than 10 years of
    experience in teaching, curriculum development, counseling and training. Roopal has served as a
    mentor/teacher in the elementary education sector where she developed the curriculum for preschoolers. She has also trained
    teachers and organized events that help imbibe cultural values & awareness in children

    Aditi Patil

    Trainer at IECED

    M.A, Early Childhood Education

    With an experience of over 10 years in the field of Early Childhood Education, Aditi is very passionate about preschool teacher training
    and curriculum planning for
    preschools. She has worked with schools to implement the smooth functioning of the pre-primary sections for both teachers as well as
    children and has also been involved in the designing of modules for teacher training courses

    Meera Shivakumar

    Trainer at IECED

    B.E, Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)

    Awarded the ‘Exemplary Teacher 2016’ accolade and a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from KLAY, for presenting the Best Teaching Aids 2018, Meera is a trainer who hopes
    to contribute her skills and be a part of the growth of budding teachers. Her areas of interest include, Child
    Psychology, Milestones &
    Development, Curriculum
    Implementation and Spiritual Science%


    Get Your Answers Here

    The International Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education is for 25 weeks. 

    24 weeks (Theory) + 1 Week (Exam and Graduation Ceremony) 

    2 sessions / week  

    2hours / session 

    This will be a 25-week ONLINE Program with live training sessions by the faculty. The last week is for online exam and graduation ceremony. 

    12+ years of formal education  

    Fluency in English 

    Program Fee: 54,000 + 9720 (tax 18%) = INR 63,720  

    Registration in the program is completed through online fee transfer. You can save your seat by paying the first instalment. Fee is collected in three instalments. 

    Instalment I): 55%, by the start of course 

    Instalment II): 35%, 5 weeks after the course start date 

    Instalment III): 10%, 23 weeks after the course start date 

    You will receive an ‘International Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education’ on successful completion of course. This joint certificate is issued by Finland International Education and IECED. 

    Your profile will be added to database for recruitment at KLAY. If and when your profile matches the requirement of open position at KLAY, you will be contacted for interview process. 





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